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Foundation of Jedlicka institute introduces itself

  • We are non-governmental, non-profit-making association
  • Our main aim is to integrate physically handicapped people into normal life, preventing their isolation from society
  • We focus on helping children and young people with physical and combined handicaps
  • We support complete and balanced care of handicaped people with the respect for their personalities and personal needs, maintaining human pride in every life situation
  • We endorse a message from Rudolf Jedlicka, who given his whole life to promote the idea of full-value life to people with handicaps
  • Year 2009 - 19 years since we were founded

Jedlicka institute and schools


  • Founded in 1913
  • In the time of its opening represented a modern european institute helping young people with inborn and through accident given handicaps well-needed care, rehabilitation, social support and education
  • In the present Jedlicka institute and schools represents complex unit, which efficiently supports educational program with care in the of social and health sphere with the aim of preparing young handicaped people for a normal day-to-day life
  • Schools in Jedlicka institute give basic education, vocational education, secondary school education and secondary school graduation
  • Special pedagogic centre offers ambulatory counselling for pupils from standard schools
  • A part of social services is a program of complete rehabilitation, accomodation of students, program of independent living, social welfare institution, rehabilitation and help programs for familes with young children

Why help through us


  • We are a member of the Association of foundations, we follow the principles of the ethical foundation´s codex
  • We are a long-acting organization
  • We have proven record of results behind us
  • We are in a proximate, daily contact with children and young people with handicaps, we know their needs
  • Our aim is to provide quick, particular and targeted help
  • We are transparent organisation - we make public details about our economy and management, we put out an annual report on one´s activity

How can you help?


  • Give a financial gift
  • Provide a non-financial gift (material gift, service)
  • Partnership in the project
  • Voluntary work
  • Purchase Christmas gifts and calendars